Technology method

Voltage recording

Sustained deep-tissue voltage recording using a fast indicator evolved for two-photon microscopy.
Liu Z, Lu X, Villette V, Gou Y................ Bizouard P, Bradley J, Franke K, Clandinin TR, Giovannucci A, Tolias AS, Reimer J, Dieudonné S, St‑Pierre F Cell 2022

Ultrafast Two-Photon Imaging of a High-Gain Voltage Indicator in Awake Behaving Mice
Vincent Villette, Mariya Chavarha, Ivan K. Dimov, ..., Jun Ding, Stephane Dieudonne, Michael Z. Lin Cell 2019

Fast two-photon imaging of subcellular voltage dynamics in neuronal tissue with genetically encoded indicators
Chamberland et al, eLIFE 2017

Developmental biology

Electrophysiology / calcium recording

Awake perception is associated with dedicated neuronal assemblies in the cerebral cortex
Anton Filipchuk , Joanna Schwenkgrub, Alain Destexhe #, Brice Bathellier # Nature Neuroscience 2022

Olfactory modulation of barrel cortex activity during active whisking and passive whisker stimulation
Anthony Renard, Evan R. Harrell & Brice Bathellier Nature communications 2022

NMDARs in granule cells contribute to parallel fiber-Purkinje cell synaptic plasticity and motor learning
M Schonewille, A E Girasole, P Rostaing, C Mailhes-Hamon, A Ayon, A B Nelson, A Triller, M Casado, C I De Zeeuw, G Bouvier PNAS 2021

Slow-decaying presynaptic calcium dynamics gate long-lasting asynchronous release at the hippocampal mossy fiber to CA3 pyramidal cell synapse
Simon Chamberland, Yulia Timofeeva, Alesya Evstratova, Christopher A. Norman, Kirill Volynski, Katalin Tóth Synapse 2020

Action potential counting at giant mossy fiber terminals gates information transfer in the hippocampus
Chamberland et al, PNAS 2018

Short-Term Facilitation at a Detonator Synapse Requires the Distinct Contribution of Multiple Types of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels
Simon Chamberland, Alesya Evstratova & Katalin Tóth. Journal of Neuroscience 2017

Burst-Dependent Bidirectional Plasticity in the Cerebellum Is Driven by Presynaptic NMDA Receptors
Bouvier et al, Cell Reports 2016

Interplay between Synchronization of Multivesicular Release and Recruitment of Additional Release Sites Support Short-Term Facilitation at Hippocampal Mossy Fiber to CA3 Pyramidal Cells Synapses.
Chamberland et al, Jneurosci 2014

Activity-Dependent Gating of Calcium Spikes by A-type K+ Channels Controls Climbing fiber signaling in purkinje cell dentrires.
Ostsu Y et al, Neuron 2014