Fast imaging

Non mechanical scanner
Fullfield scan up to 40Hz
mROI scan up to kHz
Multiplane scan up to 20Hz


Ultrafast random access 2D

Unique speed recording
POI up to 100kHz/POIs
ULoVE up to 20kHz/VOIs
Validated voltage indicator recording

Ultrafast random access 3D

Unique speed recording in 3D
Point of interest up to 100kHz/POIs
Serial holography up to 100kHz/VOIs

Evolutive design

Customized configuration
Upgradable and extendable
Up to 2 scanner channels

High-end hardware

highest performances
Ghz high speed electronics
Photon counting
Giga sample analog acquisition
Ultra precise synchronisation

Fast imaging

Easy and flexible imaging in all dimensions

  Linear scan over any field of view
  Ultrafast scanning with adjustable dwell time down to 50ns/pixel
  Interplane/InterROI access time of 10 µs
  Silent scanning for unperturbed behavioural experiments
  Freely selectable Multi ROIs up to maximum speed
  Multi-plane imaging at different Z with no moving parts


Ultrafast Random access

From voltage recording to photostimulation

Freely selectable POIs up to 100kHz/POI
  <10nm pointing accuracy and repeatability.
  Our automatic inter episodic 3D stabilization gives you <100 nm stability

Ultrafast Local Volume Excitation (ULoVE) 20kHz/VOIs
  Holographic volume expansion
  Mitigates in vivo movement artifacts
  Enhances optogenetic stimulation efficiency
  Voltage recording validated

Ultrafast 3D Random access (optional)

By time locking The AODscope with 50Khz laser, each pulse can be addressed in 3D as a diffractive point or holography pattern

In 500x500x500µm 

Freely selectable 3D POIs up to 50kHz/POI
  <10nm pointing accuracy and repeatability.
  Our automatic inter episodic 3D stabilization gives you <100 nm stability

Freely selectable 3D Holography (3D-CASH) 50kHz/VOIs
  AODscope as fast (khz) spatial light modulators for sequential 3D holography
  Holographic patterning mitigates movement artefacts and increases signal levels
  Enhances optogenetic stimulation efficiency

Ultra-sensitive low-noise detection

No matter the wonders delivered by our AOD light-steering technology, the quality of your experiments ultimately depends on your photon flux and signal to noise ratio.
That is why Karthala System has invested in last-generation detectors and high-precision custom electronics. Combined with optimized photon collection, shot-noise limited fluorescent signals will give you the sensitivity you always craved for.


High efficiency liquid guide design (5 mm)
Large collection Angle
32 mm filter and XL dichroic
Protected shutter for intense illumination
  1 or 2 Hamamatsu GaAsP 40µA detectors with/without gated

Karthala imaging software

  User friendly software
  Multi scan channel interface
  Automatic 3D stabilization of episodic acquisitions (during the inter-episode dwell time)
  External triggers, electrophysiology synchronization
  Hardware control (microscope, stages, camera)
  Data acquisition and automatic saving, easy data post-processing on open image and data formats
  Embedded data visualizer

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