Working on Karthala’s AODcope is pleasant and scientifically productive. Using the state of the art Karthala’s AODcope, we were able to answer biological questions that otherwise could not be addressed with conventional means.

Both the hardware and the software are built in an optimal way, which allows one to smoothly run live experiments without downtimes or interruptions. Therefore, experimenters are able to focus on their experiment without encountering technical issues.

Communications with the Karthala team are seamless. This is made possible by an extremely competent team of scientists with complementary backgrounds in microscope engineering, biology and software engineering. For example, Karthala’s development team was incredibly supportive and helped us accomplish new experiments by implementing additional software functions. Karthala was proactive in these developments and suggested potential add-ons that, in the end, were very beneficial to our experiments.

Overall, I highly recommend Karthala’s AODcope.